The World Union of Jewish Students is the central, global, democratically elected Jewish Student leadership network, led by students for students. WUJS serves as an umbrella organization, uniting and representing independent Jewish student associations working in over 50 countries around the world. 

We strive to promote the unity of Jewish students worldwide and to ensure their participation in the realization of the aspirations, continuity and development of the Jewish people in terms of religion, national, spiritual, cultural and social heritage. 


WUJS works to empower and strengthen Jewish student leadership through its member organizations: the nationally and internationally elected Jewish student associations.  We do this by amplifying the reach and impact of our members by connecting them to each other, facilitating a global exchange of views and information, and providing leadership and skills training. When necessary, we mobilize our members and coordinate their activism efforts on a global scale. 

Because the leadership of WUJS is democratically elected, WUJS is recognized internationally as the only organization with the legitimacy to represent the global Jewish student body before international authorities. WUJS is often invited to international conferences as the global Jewish student representative. The organization has seats and voting rights on the Executive Committee of the World Jewish Congress, the Zionist General Council and the Zionist Congress of the World Zionist Organization, the board of the Jewish National Fund (KKL), and is even active in organizations such as UNESCO and ICMYO.

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