WUJS elects first female chairpersonWUJS elects first female chairperson

It was not until 1977, with the election of Aneta Josefowicz - WUJS' first female Chairperson - that the central core of WUJS began truly to move toward Israel. During this period, Education Officer Shifra Horn organized a number of seminars in Israel, particularly targeting smaller communities such as Turkey, Iran and countries of Latin

WUJS Areivim is launched

Talya Fishman created WUJS Areivim, or the Jewish Peace Corps, a project sending young Israelis to serve the Jewish communal and educational needs of struggling Diaspora communities.

WUJS holds its 15th Congress

By early 1968 WUJS branches were beginning to function in California and Pennsylvania. In 1969, a group of Jewish students came together in Brewster, New York to create the North American Jewish Students Network. "Network," headed by Malcolm Hoenlein, became the first North American affiliate of WUJS. By the 15th Congress held in Arad in

WUJS joins the WZO

In general, the coming years were to be influenced greatly by Hunter's vision. Under his leadership, the World Union began its formal commitment to Zionism and affiliation with the World Zionist Organization. At the same time, perhaps ironically, it began to espouse left-wing political positions in order to continue to be meaningful to a student

Michael Hunter elected Chairperson

The following Congress saw a more liberal approach to the issue and Jewish students were again recognized from Germany, although motions were passed insisting they should move from Germany and Austria. But the more open policy toward German Jewish students accepted by Congress was perhaps inevitable considering the new Chairperson elected at this event was

WUJS begins the campaign for Soviet Jewry

WUJS began to move towards a more campaigning union by organizing a seminar in Brussels on "The Situation of the Jews in the Soviet Union." This led to the "European Action on Behalf of Soviet Jewry," a traveling exhibition transported to cities throughout Europe. The ultimate goal of the exhibition, the gathering of signatures for

WUJS Reopens

A new period of WUJS activity began with the appointment of Dan Bitan as General Secretary in 1962. Bitan re-established connections to member unions in Europe and Latin-America and began preparations for the 13th WUJS Congress to take place in Jerusalem. The Congress saw 50 delegates represent 20 countries, with much of the content focusing

WUJS shuts down

The third congress after the war was convened in August 1950. Shortly thereafter, the new Chairperson, Brian Sandelson, and Secretary General Louis Bartfield launched a new global newsletter, but their intention to make this a monthly publication was never realized as WUJS was sorely lacking in funds. This financial paralysis, soon coupled with the lack

WUJS Office Moves to Switzerland

In 1939 the offices of WUJS moved to Switzerland for the duration of the Second World War. While little is known of WUJS activities during the period of the war, it is known that WUJS members were particularly active in the French resistance.