JSUD Protests Launch of Far Right AfD’s Jewish Faction

On Sunday, October 7, JSUD (Jewish Student Union Germany) joined, together with all the major Jewish-German organizations united in protest to criticize the new faction.

While fewer than 20 people congregated to celebrate the launch of Juden in der AfD (Jews in the AfD), the new Jewish faction of the far-right AfD party, over 400 demonstrators and representatives of all the major Jewish-German organizations rallied against the Jewish faction, noting that the far-right party and its Jewish faction do not represent mainstream German Jewry.

The rally was organized by JSUD, the German Union of Jewish students. JSUD President, Dalia Grinfeld, noted the importance of Sunday’s rally, saying that, “the AfD is using this [JAfD] group … for its own racist ideology. It’s a tool to give the perception that the AfD believes in diversity and pluralism, which is simply not true.”

“As young Jews,” she added, “we wanted to make a clear stance that JAfD only represents a handful of community members and not the majority.”

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