Areas of Work

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Areas of Work

The work of WUJS is split into 8 main areas:

Representation and Student Voice
WUJS helps to connect Jewish students on local campuses across the world to make sure that the voices of Jewish students are both heard and listened to within spaces where our viewpoint is essential.

Convening and Uniting
With approximately 900,000 Jewish students in universities internationally, it can be challenging to see oneself as part of something bigger. WUJS helps to connect students from Chile to New Zealand, South Africa to the UK, and to physically bring them together to see and feel the common bond they share with their fellow Jewish students around the world.

Leadership Development
While some may say today’s university students are the leaders of tomorrow, WUJS sees Jewish students as leaders of today. WUJS works to identify and cultivate the diverse qualities of students, in order to help the Jewish student community continue to thrive and to shape tomorrow and today!

Union Development
WUJS encourages the formation of Jewish student organizations wherever there are Jewish students and works with existing local unions to develop and improve their activities.

WUJS seeks to protect and maintain the welfare of Jewish students by supporting our respective member unions to defend their own member’s interests on campus. WUJS actively opposes anti-Zionism and antisemitism, including, Holocaust denial and revisionism as well as racism and all forms of discrimination. We aim to empower Jewish students to ensure that they can study in a safe, inclusive and fair environment.

International Communication
WUJS helps to facilitate communication between students on an international level and to establish a network among them. WUJS enables individuals to share resources, ideas and best practices with other Jewish students the world over.

Jewish Identity Development
​In most countries Jewish students are fortunate to live in a time and place where they can be openly Jewish and support Israel. WUJS believes students can (and should!) take pride in such freedoms, and works to promote, develop, and defend this pride. It encourages students to explore and express their own Jewish identity and connection to Israel.

Social Justice
Many young Jews express their Jewish identity through a commitment to social justice and Tikkun Olam. WUJS creates and shares opportunities for Jewish students to engage with social justice initiatives including, but not limited to, volunteering opportunities and charity fundraising campaigns.