Core Values

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Core Values

In everything we do, our core values underpin our program. These core values are:

Pluralism – Eilu v’Eilu Divrei Elokim Chayim
We believe that WUJS activities should be open to all Jewish students regardless of religious affiliation, denomination or political persuasion.

Peer-Leadership and Representation – Ha’Shomer Achi Anochi
We believe that the best way to create positive Jewish experiences on campus is by empowering Jewish students to create, develop and run their own programming for their peers. We believe that Jewish students should have their voices heard both locally, nationally and internationally.  Union Executives and the WUJS Leadership are elected roles which consider the views of their members and in turn represent the views of Jewish students to the wider community.

Mutual Responsibility – Kol Yisrael Areivim Ze’Lazeh
We believe that all Jews have are responsible for one another, no matter where in the world they live or what their background is.

Israel Engagement – Ki M’Tzion Teitzei Torah
We believe that the majority of Jews feel that Israel is central to their Jewish identity and Jewish students should have the support and space to explore their connection and relationship with Israel.