WUJS is an umbrella association with member organisations all over the world. Each Member Union has a designated representative to WUJS. Together these delegates form the WUJS General Assembly. With 41 National Unions and 2 Regional Unions (Latin America and Europe), we represent the Jewish students of over 55 countries worldwide.

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Complete List of Member Organizations

Country/Region Name Abbrev. Contact Facebook
Argentina Unión de Jóvenes Judíos Argentinos UJJA Contact Page
Australia Australasian Union of Jewish Students AUJS Contact Page
Austria Jüdische Österreichische Hochschülerinnen ​JÖH Contact Page
Belgium Union des Etudiants Juifs de Belgique UEJB Contact Page
Bosnia Student organization of the Jewish Community of Bosnia and Herzegovina BiH Page
Chile Federación de Estudiantes y Jóvenes Judíos Chile FEJJ Contact Page
Czech Republic Czech Union of Jewish Students ČUŽM Page
Denmark Dansk Jødisk Ungdomssammenslutning DJUS Contact Page
Estonia Estonian Jewish students organization EJSO
Ethiopia Young Jewish Leadership Team in Ethiopia Page
Europe European Union of Jewish Students EUJS Contact Page
Finland JOY – Juutalainen Opiskelija Yhdistys JOY Page
France Union des Etudiants Juifs de France UEJF Contact Page
Georgia Georgian Union of Jewish Students Page
Germany Jüdische Studierendenunion Deutschland JSUD Contact Page
Greece Jewish Youth of Greece ENE Page
Hungary ​Mazsihisz Ifjúsági Csoport Page
India Jewish Youth Pioneers Club of Mumbai JYP Page
Ireland ​Union of Jewish Students of the UK & Ireland UJS Contact Page
Israel ​National Union of Israeli Students NUIS Contact Page
Italy ​Unione Giovani Ebrei d’Italia UGEI Contact Page
Latin American ​Federación de Jóvenes Judíos de Latinoamérica FEJJLA Contact Page
Latvia Latvia Jewish Student Organization
Lithuania ​Lithuanian Union of Jewish Students LUJS Page
Luxembourg ​Union des Jeunes Gens Israélites du Luxembourg UJGIL Contact
Macedonia ​​​Macedonian Jewish Community Youth Club Contact Page
Mexico ​​​Federación Mexicana de Jóvenes Judíos FeMeJJ Contact Page
The Netherlands ​​​​Joodse Studenten en Jongerenvereniging IJAR Contact Page
New Zealand ​​​​Australasian Union of Jewish Students AUJS-NZ Contact Page
Norway ​​​​Jodisk Ungdomsforening, Det Mosaike trossamfunn JUDM Page
Poland Zydowska Ogolnopolska Organizacja Mlodziezowa ZOOM
Portugal Portuguese Union of Jewish Students PUJS
Russia ​​​​Russian Union of Jewish Students RUJS Page
Serbia ​​​​Serbian Union of Jewish Students
Slovakia ​​​​Slovenka Unia Zidovskej Mladeze​ SUZM Contact Page
Slovenia Kadima: Jewish Student and Youth Organization of Slovenia Kadima
South Africa ​​​​South African Union of Jewish Students​ SAUJS Contact Page
Spain ​​​​Spanish Union of Jewish Students JUE Contact Page
Sweden ​​​​Judiska Ungdomsförbundet i Sverige JUS Contact Page
Switzerland ​​​​Swiss Union of Jewish Students SUJS Contact Page
Turkey ​​​​Turkish Union of Jewish Students TUJS
Ukraine ​​​​Ukrainian Union of Jewish Students UUJS Contact Page
United Kingdom ​​​​Union of Jewish Students of the UK & Ireland UJS Contact Page