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How does WUJS membership work?

WUJS is an umbrella organization whose members are themselves independent organizations. We appreciate that our membership guidelines may seem complicated so if you are still confused after reading the following page please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Our details can be found on the contact page of the website.

WUJS defines an organization as a group of people who agree to co-operate between themselves, according to agreed guidelines, towards a common goal. This applies whether or not the organization is incorporated and/or registered by the laws of any country, provided they actually coordinate activities as described. Some members of WUJS are federations of organizations which, like WUJS itself act as umbrellas comprised of separate organizations.

As the World Union of Jewish Students we welcome any Jewish student organization to apply for WUJS membership. To us, a Jewish student organization constitutes an organization or federation of organizations that is composed primarily or exclusively of Jews, that functions in the framework of institutions of higher learning and/or deals with the challenges and/or welfare of Jewish students as well as promoting other WUJS aims.

We appreciate that the term student is debatable as many WUJS activists are recent graduates or have taken a hiatus from their studies to work within their respective organizations. Therefore we define students as anyone currently attending an institution of higher learning and/or anyone who has completed their academic studies and is thirty-five years old or younger. If individuals retain their membership in an organization after they cease being students, this does not disqualify the organization, provided the active membership and the leadership are students.

WUJS has different categories of membership because we appreciate that in different countries Jewish student life looks different and different styles of Jewish student organizations may be applicable. Our highest status of membership though is reserved for Jewish student unions.

WUJS has three categories of membership:

  • Full Membership
  • Partial Membership
  • Observer Membership

In reality the status of a member organization only really matters with regards to its voting rights at our annual Congress. We love all our members equally and we’re here for all of them should they need us.

Full membership of WUJS is determined by the following standards:
A Union will be considered eligible for full membership provided it meets the following requirements:

  • Its membership is open to all Jewish students within its geographical range that comply with its aims, agree to them and wish to promote them. Notwithstanding the requirement of availability to all Jewish students herein, a Union may be eligible for full membership if it is open to less than all Jewish students under the following circumstances:
    1. A viable authority forbids or effectively prevents such availability and;
    2. The Union actually represents at least one third of the Jewish students in the country and;
    3. The Jewish students barred from participation are less than one third of the Jewish students in the country.
  • Its leadership and policy are determined equitably by votes of all its members.
  • Its aims agree with the aims of WUJS.
  • The aims of WUJS are actually realised by the Union in an appreciable way.
  • It is not part of any legislature and takes no action to become a part of a legislature.

If one or more of these prerequisites are not fully met, the Union will be rejected, receive observer status or be a partial member. A partial member will have half the Delegate Votes prescribed in the table in article V A. 6. a. of the WUJS constitution.

There shall be one Member Union per country or region except as herein provided for. 

  • Where more than one Union exists in a country or region, the Executive shall encourage the Unions to choose one of the following courses of action:
    1. Form a national or regional umbrella Federation that will represent all such Unions jointly at WUJS.
    2. Come to an agreement as to equal or proportionate voting rights between them. The proportional rights may be based on general population or student population/membership represented, and/or contribution to activity involving WUJS’s aims. If such an agreement is reached, there can be more than one Member Union in said country or region. The total voting rights so divided shall be no more than prescribed in the table in article V A. 6. a. of the WUJS constitution for full membership or half that number for partial membership. There will not be a partial Delegate Vote.
    3. When the Unions in question do not come to an agreement on either of the two options above, the Executive is authorized to impose equal or proportionate voting rights between them, after inviting all sides to present their positions.
  • The Executive will have the right to refuse full membership to the Unions if they fail to agree upon one of the courses of action described herein.
  • The Executive ruling will be valid and binding until a Congressional vote ratifies, rejects or alters it. The Unions in question have the right to be heard by the Congress before their case is decided and the Chairperson must invite their leaderships to do so.

Joining WUJS

  • In order for a Union to acquire membership, the Union should provide WUJS with an application (if new or needs updating) and an application fee of $100 USD.
  • If a Union’s application is approved, the application fee will be considered its first annual membership fee.