Understanding WUJS Membership

Understanding WUJS Membership2019-06-18T17:34:37+03:00

How does WUJS membership work?

WUJS is an umbrella organization whose members are themselves independent organizations. We appreciate that our membership guidelines may seem complicated so if you are still confused after reading the following page please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Our details can be found on the contact page of the website.

WUJS defines an organization as a group of people who agree to co-operate between themselves, according to agreed guidelines, towards a common goal. This applies whether or not the organization is incorporated and/or registered by the laws of any country, provided they actually coordinate activities as described. Some members of WUJS are federations of organizations which, like WUJS itself act as umbrellas comprised of separate organizations.

As the World Union of Jewish Students we welcome any national Jewish student organization to apply for WUJS membership. To us, a Jewish student organization constitutes an organization or federation of organizations that is composed primarily or exclusively of Jews, that functions in the framework of institutions of higher learning and/or deals with the challenges and/or welfare of Jewish students as well as promoting other WUJS aims.

Our definition of “student” is flexible, as many WUJS activists are recent graduates or have taken a hiatus from their studies to work within their respective organizations. Therefore we define students as anyone currently attending an institution of higher learning and/or anyone between the ages of 18-35. If individuals retain their membership in an organization after they cease being active students, this does not disqualify the organization, provided the active membership and the leadership are students.

A Union will be considered eligible for Membership provided it meets the following requirements:

  • National or international organizations/associations/unions of Jewish students or Jewish young adults between the ages 18-35, organized in or outside of Israel.
  • The Member Union must democratically represent the Jewish students or young adults of its country or transnational region, and must operate according to applicable local laws;
  • The Member Union must elect a Chairperson/Director to lead the Member Union in democratic elections according to the Member Union Bylaws.
  • The Member Union must hold at least three Union Events per-year (i.e: the Member Union must exist in an operative manner rather than only exist formally);
  • The Member Union must operate according to a formal Constitution/Bylaws, confirmed (if necessary) and in consistency with applicable Local Laws.
  • The Member Constitution must be in tune with the core values of the Union.
  • The Member Union must represent the largest amount of Jewish students/young adults in the country or region in which it operates; for purpose of clarity – there shall be only one Member Union per country and one per transnational region;
  • The Member Union must pay an annual membership fee, as shall be determined by the Executive from time to time (according to its definition below);

If one or more of these prerequisites are not fully met, the Union will be rejected. 

A Member Union Applicant must send the following documents to the WUJS Board: 

  • An official formal written application, signed by the Union’s rightful legal signatory, whose signature and whose right to legally bind the Applicant Union are confirmed by a legal attorney (of the relevant country or region), which shall include the following:

(The applicant’s name and the designated country or region in which it operates) wishes to be admitted as a Member Union of the World Union of Jewish Students. (The applicant’s name) will be bound to WUJS’s Bylaws and the decisions of its General Assembly.

  • The foundational documentation of the Applicant Union such as Constitution, Charter and Bylaws or any equivalent, in compliance with the applicable laws of the country or region in which the Applicant Union is operating. An English translation will be provided for any such documentation which is not in English;
  • A letter of confirmation signed by the Applicant Union legal attorney, specifying the following:
  1. The identity of the Applicant Union Chairperson/Leader, or: another elected representative elected to serve as a GA Member (the Representative), detailing the date and the means by which said Representative was elected, confirming that the election for the Representative was been duly and lawfully held in compliance with the Local Union Laws and Regulations in consistency with all relevant Applicant Union Bylaws;
  2. The duration which the Representative shall serve in said Position , specifying the exact date of the Position termination in regards to the elected Applicant Union Chairperson/Leader, or the Representative, from the time of election to the Position;
  3. A description of the way in which the Representative and the Position are determined;
  4. A summary of actual performance of the Applicant Union with tangible demonstrations of activity;
  5. If the Applicant Union can establish that it is recognized as the national or regional Jewish student organization within the Country or geographical range in which it operates, it shall include demonstration of such recognition;

For more information, please read the WUJS Constitution.