Partners and Supporters

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Partners and Supporters

The World Union of Jewish Students is in partnership with various organizations that share our values.  These organizations include those in which we have partnership agreements with, those whom offer us assistance through funding or other means, and organizations to which we represent Jewish students.

The World Zionist Organization is committed to promoting the Zionist idea and enterprise as vital and positive elements of contemporary Jewish life, in accordance with the principles articulated in the Jerusalem Program. WUJS holds various capacities within the WZO, sitting on the General Zionist Council as well as various internal committees.

The World Jewish Congress is the international organization that represents Jewish communities and organizations in 100 countries around the world. It advocates on their behalf towards governments, parliaments, international organizations and other faiths. The WJC represents the plurality of the Jewish people, and is politically non-partisan. Since WUJS’ second Chairperson, Maurice Perlzweig, helped found the World Jewish Congress, in 1936, we have been a central partner of the WJC. We hold a Vice Presidency on the Executive Board.

KKL-JNF is Israel’s leading humanitarian and environmental charity. They raise funds for the building blocks of everyday life in Israel such as reservoirs, irrigation systems, desalination plants, forest planting, recycling schemes, roads, housing and healthcare centres. WUJS has a seat on the Board of Directors of KKL-JNF held by former WUJS Treasurer, Daniel Cohen.

For over 80 years, the Jewish Agency has served as the link between the Jewish people and Israel, working to ensure the future of a connected, committed, global Jewish People with a strong Israel at its center. The Jewish Agency has been a collaborator and supporter of WUJS for decades.

The American Jewish Committee has worked since 1906 to safeguard and strengthen Jews and Jewish life worldwide by promoting democratic and pluralistic societies that respect the dignity of all peoples. WUJS signed a partnership agreement with AJC in 2009.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo is the central address for Jewish philanthropy, community programming, and services for the Jewish community of Northwest Ohio and parts of Southeast Michigan. It is our mission to support and enhance the health, welfare, education, spiritual life, unity, and continuity of the Jewish community of Toledo, its surrounding areas, and the world community of Israel with services and programming consistent with Jewish values. Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo is proud to support the World Union of Jewish Students.

The World Union of Jewish Students holds consultative NGO status at the United Nations Environmental, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). As such from time to time WUJS may represent Jewish students to UNESCO at their headquarters in Paris.


The Metta Saade Family Foundation

The Metta Saade Family Foundation is a philanthropic entity that supports and promotes a wide range of cultural, educational, artistic and social initiatives aimed to create innovative approaches to Judaism and Jewish. Marcos Metta Cohen has been a steadfast supporter of WUJS for decades. In the 1980s, he founded FEMUJ (the Mexican Union of Jewish Students) and served as its first President, while also serving as the President of FUSLA (Latin-American Federation of Zionist Students).
For a number of years, Marcos served in the management board of WUJS, as well as the vice president of the organization. He continues to believe in the Jewish student movement, and as such generously supports WUJS, as well as a number of its members organizations in Latin America.

Masa is the global leader in long-term international career development and leadership experiences in Israel for young adults from around the world. Together with Masa and Onward, we have launched the WUJS Leadership Summer Incubator program, bringing students from across the world to Israel for an intensive 6 week leadership training internship program.

Onward Israel offers exciting resume building opportunities – internships, academic study and fellowships – providing a global, cross-cultural experience in Israel and direct contact with Israeli peers. Together with Masa and Onward, we have launched the WUJS Leadership Summer Incubator program, bringing students from across the world to Israel for an intensive 6 week leadership training internship program.

The Bronfman-WUJS Global Leaders Fellowship is a long-term program for emerging Jewish campus leaders WUJS developed in collaboration with the Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life at NYU. The fellowship is built around two international trips, to WUJS Congress and to the US, together with monthly online meetings that focus on leadership development and international collaboration.