Elections: WUJS Board

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Elections: WUJS Board

The Board is shall represent the Member Unions to the President between General Assemblies. It shall consist of no less than 3 and no more than 11 members. The members of the Board shall act in favor of the Union, within the framework of its goals and principals.

The Board will be chosen from among the GA Members. Board elections will take place once a year at the annual General Assembly. Board members are elected to serve for 12 months and can serve for a maximum of 4 terms.

Of the 11 possible Board members, the following 7 shall be reserved for delegates elected to represent each of the following regions/countries:

  1. Europe;
  2. Latin America;
  3. The UK;
  4. France;
  5. Australia;
  6. South Africa;
  7. Israel.


  • The Board will present the annual budget to the General Assembly for approval.
  • The Board shall meet, physically or virtually, at least four times a year or by special invitation of the President.
  • The Board will weigh in on matters of policy, content and programming of the Union, and will ensure that the objectives of the Union are implemented, subject to the resolutions of the General Assembly.
  • In accordance with the provisions of section 29 of the Law, The Union shall keep a register of Board members which will include the following information regarding each member: name, address, identity number, date of commencement of service and date of termination of service.
  • The Board shall prepare the Financial Statements and Verbal Reports of the Union (hereinafter the “Reports”) and submit them to the Audit Committee, at least two weeks before the reports are submitted to the GA for their approval.
  • Once approved by the General Assembly, the President will submit the reports to the Registrar of Amutot, after they were signed by two members of the Board.
  • The Board will have the authority to appoint and dismiss an Executive Director, should that be deemed necessary.
  • The Board will be responsible to maintain a register of Members of the General Assembly.
  • The Board shall approve by the signature of 2 of its members, the protocols of the GA, specifying their date of birth, date of appointment by the GA and Passport nationality and number, or Israeli identification number.
  • The Board shall approve by the signature of 2 of its members the Financial reports approved by the GA.