Elections: WUJS President

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Elections: WUJS President

The President is elected by the General Assembly to serve for a term of two years commencing in May or June and can serve a maximum of two terms.


  • Candidates for the position of Presidency must be nominated by a Member Union and seconded by another.
  • Candidates must be Jewish individuals, at least 18 years of age, and no older than 33 at the time of the election.
  • The President must be based in Israel during the term of Presidency.


  • Represent the voice of Jewish students;
  • Lead the Union politically according to the organizational strategies;
  • Represent the Union at all relevant international functions and organizations;
  • Maintain relationships with partner organizations and donors, establish new such relationships where possible;
  • Enact the strategy in accordance with the policy of the Union, in consultation with the Board; Execute the policy of the Union;
  • Oversee the deliverance of the various Union officers, legal responsibilities, staffing, staffing policies and administration of the Union;
  • Oversee all Union projects, plan and execute the overall program and its activities in accordance with the mission and the goals of the Union;
  • Manage, together with the Treasurer, the budget of the Union including financial policies, according to the specifications of the Budget Reports approved by the Board and GA;
  • Implement long-term goals and objectives to achieve the successful outcome of the program;
  • Assume or delegate the positions granted to WUJS in other organizations, which may include WZO, WJC, KKL, etc., for the duration of their term as President of the Union;
  • Handle any other responsibilities necessary to ensure the welfare and proper conduct of the organization.