Elections: WUJS Treasurer

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Elections: WUJS Treasurer

The Treasurer must be elected by the General Assembly to serve for a term of three years and can serve a maximum of two terms.


  • Candidates for the position of Treasurer must be Jewish individuals, 18-35 years of age.
  • They must be fluent in Hebrew
  • They must demonstrate some familiarity with Israeli non-profit law.


  • Fundraise;
  • Keep proper financial records on an ongoing basis;
  • Help the President prepare the annual budget for presentation and conformation of the Board and the GAs.
  • Present recommendations and reports to the Board and the General Assembly regarding financial matters;
  • Regularly monitor and compare the actual revenues and expenses incurred against the annual budget;
  • Prepare both internal and external financial reports.
  • Be a signatory of WUJS