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Guidelines for Full Membership of WUJS
As a result of an additional provision placed in the constitution during its most recent ratification, membership standards have changed.The Steering Committee is empowered by the Chairperson to make extremely limited exceptions should there be a reason to do so. Full membership will be determined by the following standards:

  • In order for a Union to acquire membership, the Union should provide WUJS with an application (if new or needs updating) and an application fee of $100 USD.
  • The application fee will be deducted from overall participation fees associated with a delegation’s costs in attending Congress.
  • The application will include the following:
    1. A declaration by the leadership of the applicant that will read as follows – (The applicant’s name) wishes to be admitted as a Member Union of WUJS. (The applicant’s name) will be bound to WUJS’s Constitution and the decisions of its General Assembly.  
    2. The foundational documentation of the applicant Union – such as Constitution, Charter and by-laws or any equivalent. An English translation will be provided for any such documentation which is not in English.  
    3. The means by which a valid Union decision can be identified.  
    4. The identities of the leaders.  
    5. The means by which the Union and its leaders can be contacted.  
    6. A description of the way in which its membership, leadership and policy are determined.  
    7. A summary of actual performance with tangible demonstrations of activity.  
    8. If the applicant can establish that it is recognized as the national or regional Jewish student organization within its geographical range, it shall include demonstration of such recognition.

Partial Membership and Observer Status
Those individuals not part of a Member Union or members under the above guidelines can apply for partial membership or observer status. If an individual or group does not meet one or more of the above criteria, they can receive partial membership or observer status. Partial membership allots the member a one-half vote in the General Assembly.