Union Resources

What exactly is a Jewish student union?

What is a Jewish student union then? With well over 1000 institutions of higher education worldwide which are known to have Jewish students, this is a difficult question to answer… but we’re going to try!!

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Why be a Jewish student leader?

Manhigut (leadership) is a difficult business to be in! There can be no easy way out, no cutting corners, and there is no room for lack of enthusiasm. You must be able to motivate yourself and then motivate others. At WUJS, we make no pretensions to being psychologists; we only write from certain leadership experiences we and others have had.

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The WUJS Year

Planning your term but not sure which Jewish festivals are coming up? Want your union to get involved with an international project or campaign but not sure what’s going on? We’ve compiled a list with the dates of each festival/fast day for the next 3 years for your use. If you think there’s something we’ve missed, send an email to

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