February 1986

Natan Sharansky makes his first public appearance before WUJS When Natan Sharansky was released, his first public appearance since becoming free was before thousands of WUJS students at Binyanei Ha'uma in Jerusalem. He said he owed his freedom to students who demonstrated for him around the world and therefore, he chose WUJS for his first

November 1985

WUJS activists arrested at first Reagan-Gorbachev summit WUJS demonstrated against the first Reagan-Gorbachev summit in Geneva, as we sought to buy an airplane ticket for Natan Sharansky at Aeroflot. Five of activists (including WUJS Chair, David Makovsky; North American Network President, Moshe Ronen; veteran Prisoner of Zion, Yosef Mendelevich and Rabbi Avi Weiss) were arrested

May 1985

Witness at Bitburg WUJS, in cooperation with EUJS, brought 1,500 students to the Nazi SS cemetary at Bitburg, Germany protesting against President Ronald Reagan's visit.

September 1984

WUJS spearheads the campaign for Ethiopian Jewry In 1984 after Dani Katz stepped down for personal reasons, the Executive appointed David Makovsky as Chairperson. He was a former Network President and leader of the U.S. student campaign for Soviet Jewry. In September 1984, he walked out of a meeting of the World Presidium on Soviet

March 1984

WUJS organizes study program to Israel for Indian youth During Dani Katz's term as Chairperson, WUJS organized for the first time, a study tour of Israel for a group of Jewish youth from India. Assistance for the program came from the WZO, WJC and the World Sephardi Association.

December 1983

Dani Katz is elected WUJS Chair In 1983, Dani Katz, a former AUJS vice President, was elected Chairperson, and he began negotiations toward a union between WUJS and the World Jewish Congress, a union which would help to alleviate the ongoing struggle with the Zionist system and which remains intact until today. With tensions between

July 1983

WUJS visits Ethiopia with MK Dror Ziegerman A joint Network/WUJS trip to Ethiopia, brought with them, the first Israeli member of Knesset to visit Ethiopian Jews, Dror Ziegerman. The trip was led by soon-to-be WUJS Chair, David Makovsky.

December 1982

Heading East In December 1982, in cooperation with the EUJS, WUJS organized a visit to Budapest, where the delegates met with representatives of the Jewish community in Hungary. It was the first time that European delegates of a Jewish student organization visited an Eastern European country.

January 1980

WUJS moves to Israel In September 1979 the WUJS congress was held in Jerusalem, and Uruguayan Alfredo Trapunksy was elected WUJS Chairperson by an overwhelming majority. At this congress, one of the major unions (UJS - The British Union) walked out owing to differences regarding the management of WUJS, and in 1980 the WUJS offices

December 1977

WUJS elects first female chairperson It was not until 1977, with the election of Aneta Josefowicz - WUJS' first female Chairperson - that the central core of WUJS began truly to move toward Israel. During this period, Education Officer Shifra Horn organized a number of seminars in Israel, particularly targeting smaller communities such as Turkey,